We accept EVERYONE for who they are! Come swim with us! 

#SwimAsYouAre – We are open to all swimmers of all levels regardless of age, sex, gender, etc.

Here are good guidelines to determine if you’ll enjoy the full workouts;

  • A basic knowledge of swim etiquette
  • An eagerness to learn all four strokes/flipturns
  • Ability to swim about 200 yards uninterrupted
  • Stamina to swim for a full hour (short breaks included)
  • No need to be fast or expert!

If you decide to join our team;

  • Your first workout is free! Come try it out!
  • All subsequent swims are $7 
  • After three swims you’ll be expected to join the team.
    • Members must join our U.S. Masters Swimming group
    • Team Yearly Dues are nominal and vary
  • Contact us for more details