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  1. This week is supposed to be pretty hot, and I’d loved to get in the river and cool off. (No A/C at home!) Anyone interested in joining me at the Fire Station dock tomorrow (Tuesday) for a few laps?

  2. A couple of us are swimming from the Fire Station Dock at 6:30p this evening (4 August). It would be great to get a couple more swimmers for better visibility!

  3. After chatting with a few teammates, there seems to be a general interest in shifting the meeting time for our informal river plunges forward by one-half hour to 6 pm.
    The sun drops behind Forest Park not long after 6:30p and the river temperature is starting to drop, so starting a little earlier should help extend the summer swim option a bit longer and give us a better shot at swimming in the daylight and in slightly warmer water.
    I’m planning to show up ready to swim at 6p today at the Firehouse dock, unless I see a majority of responses to the contrary.

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